4H Space Buddies Task 3 Rocket Launch

We made our rockets and launched them! We had great fun!

Rocket Launch on PhotoPeach

First we made our rockets from pieces of card and decorated them. Then we stuck film pots in the body of the rocket. Next we made a paste from bicarbonate of soda and water, and filled the film pot lids with the paste. We took the rockets outside, held them upside down and put vinegar in the film pots. We took care to measure the amounts with a syringe. We put 5mls of vinegar in some, 10 mls in others, then 15mls and finally 20mls, to see which amounts of the chemicals would be the best to launch the rockets. We carefully put the lids back on the film pots, turned the rockets the right way up, and quickly put them down on the ground. We found out that the less vinegar we used, the higher the rockets went! The rockets with 5mls of vinegar went about 2m in the air.

We made parachutes, to see if we could get our rockets to land safely. We used plastic carrier bags, string, wool and all sorts of pots to see who could make the best one. We took them down into the school yard to see how well they would work.Some of them floated down to the ground, others got blown into the fence by the wind. But we all had fun!

We made wordles about our rocket launches and drew pictures. We hope you like them.