Webspiration Brainstorming and mind mapping

Download Irfanview to change image sizes before loading photographs onto your wikipage. If you don't they will take FOREVER to load.

Remember that not everyone uses a PC. To make sure MAC users can see your photostories and movies, use Zamzar to change your files to Quicktime format. Zamzar is a free service. You send your file to them and tell them to send it back to you in a MOV or MPG format.

You can make all sorts of graphs really easily using this site.

To make sure MAC users can hear your voiceovers and music, you can use Audactiy to record them and make them into mp3s

Use Wordle to make some mood poems of any parts of your space journey. (wordle example)

Mind Miester and Buzzword You can collaborate with other students using these tools

How to use this wikispace - teacher info

This site will give you lots of information on how to use various web 2 tools

Make your wiki look cool!

Make your own graffiti for your group page.

Use animated alphabets to give your group name a wow factor.

Use Photopeach to make slide shows of your children's work or activities.

Use Oddcast to make a talking avatar for your page.

Or try Vokis to create talking avatars for your page.

All sorts of useful stuff

Task 12 Answers

Task 9 Food Supplies

Please tell your children to work out the costing on:

A box of Cornflakes;

1litre carton of milk.

Individual cartons of orange and apple juice;

Pre packed ham salad sandwiches;

Price per kilo of grapes, apples and bananas;

1medium sized chicken;

Price per kilo of potatoes, carrots, peas and broccoli;

1 medium sized muffin;

and 50cl bottles of still water.