Task Twelve. You Decide!

The Solar System

To complete this task you must find out about our Solar System!


1. You awake inside a small transparent capsule sitting on the surface of Venus. From a small speaker you hear a voice that says, "We will leave you here either for a day or a year. If you choose to stay a day, we will give you £1 million. If you choose to stay a year, we will give you £2 million. Either way, you will have sufficient food and water. We will make sure the temperature is a constant 22 degrees Celsius. We will also supply satellite TV."

What is your choice and why? ( Don't let the money influence your decision)

2. A man weighs 200 pounds on Earth. He wants an easy way to lose weight. Should he go to Weightwatchers or go to live on Mercury? What is your choice and why?

3.How many satellites does Mars have? Name them! How many words can you make out of the combined letters of their names?

4.Which planet in our Solar System has the largest number of moons? Now take the number of moons, multiply that by 10, add 10 to your answer and now divide that answer by 100. What is your answer now? What do we have on Earth every year in that number.

5. About how many times larger than Earth is Saturn?

6. Name the spacecraft that has visited the Planet Uranus.

7. Name the eight known moons that orbit Neptune.

8. When was Pluto discovered and who discovered it?

9. You are going to the Moon for a holiday. You haven't much room left in your suitcase. Which of these things won't you need and why? A. sunglasses B. an umbrella.

10. Do you know about the phases of the Moon? Complete this challenge!


Write your answers on your group page.

You can use this site to help with your research.